Horsham District in 100 objects

Which objects would you choose to reflect Horsham District’s heritage? It sounds like quite a task to choose 100 heritage objects but this is exactly what the Horsham District Heritage Forum is going to do for the Horsham District Year of Culture 2019.

Supported by the Year of Culture, the Horsham District Heritage Forum will choose 100 objects which best reflect the wonderful heritage of the 205 square miles making up the Horsham District. These objects will be the basis for a 200 page fully illustrated book and heritage map. There will also be a public exhibition in Summer 2019 for everyone to visit and discover which 100 objects have been picked and why.

At this stage in the project, the Horsham District Heritage Forum have established the themes for the 100 objects. These include Religion, Home and Hearth, Agriculture, Transport, Industry, and Local Government and Justice. They have also set the criteria for choosing the 100 heritage objects are as follows:

  • uniqueness to the District and/or local area
  • telling a compelling heritage story
  • visible and if possible, accessible to the public

There have been 169 objects submitted covering man-made artefacts, buildings, heritage landscapes, art or sculptures, objects associated with a notable local person, human remains and objects found in nature. They range from pipes to paintings, from bones to churches and from rings to bells.

The initial selection of the 100 objects is underway and will be complete by the end of August this year. The drafting of the book is planned for October/November and this should be completed by the end of February 2019.

It is the first time Horsham District’s heritage will be celebrated in this way and the project will involve as many relevant local organisations as possible, including local photographic societies, history groups and many more.

The Horsham District Heritage Forum (HDHF) was established in 2017 by Mike Burt, Chairman Cowfold Village History Society, supported by Jeremy Knight, Curator of Horsham Museum. HDHF has 20 members, representing heritage organisations across the Horsham District, including local history groups, museums, Christ’s Hospital and Parham House.

Mike Burt is the HDHF co-ordinator and is working with Jeremy Knight, Curator Horsham Museum and Laura Kidner, Curator Christ’s Hospital Museum. Also working with them on the project is Claire Searle, Shipley History Society; Roger Nash, Chairman Rudgwick Preservation Society; and Robert Gordon, Chairman Friends of Henfield Museum.

Originally established as a networking forum and information exchange, there is a wealth of information currently on their website.

To find out more about this project as it progresses, please follow the Horsham District Year of Culture 2019 on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram via @HDculture2019.

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