Light Up Horsham

What you need to know about LightUpHorsham

What you need to know about #LightUpHorsham

Light Up Horsham runs every night from 30th November and 31st December between 16:00 and 20:00 (except Christmas Day!).

There are four 8 minute shows an hour so a total of 16 shows every night which equates to an amazing 496 shows!

You need to come and see the show more than once – the carols and the Year of Culture part change each week so come and spot the differences.

If you’re coming in by car, then the best car park to use is Piries Place and it’s just a short walk from there.

Please be aware the shows can run in most weather conditions but if very high winds are forecast some shows may not run. If it’s windy and the show does go on, it might not snow as we can’t have a blizzard in Market Square!

The teams involved with the project have acoustic mapped the area to check how the sound works in Market Square. It’s aimed to be an acceptable level and so you can enjoy it. Sound levels will be continually monitored and adjusted as necessary; weather conditions can impact how the sound travels.

The boring bit! All the correct licences were applied for and received to run the event. Weather is unpredictable; we’ve done our best to make sure all the equipment is protected, but if weather impacts a major bit of equipment, some shows may need to be cancelled until it can be fixed or replaced. Please bear with us if this happens over the Christmas break as there may be a slight delay due to holidays!

 People we need to thank!

#LightUpHorsham has been sponsored by a range of local businesses including Wakefields Jewellers, Doodie Stark, Café@No4, Impact Specialist Finance, Barratt Homes, The Horsham Wine Cellar and Giggling Squid.

It’s been organised by Horsham District Council and forms part of the Horsham District Year of Culture 2019.

Its involved lots of clever local people and creative organisations including Creative Technology, TSL Lighting and RMV Productions. Creative Technology did the 3D mapping and supplied all the hardware including projectors and audio. TSL Lighting supplied the lights. RMV Production created the digital content for the shows!

Bills Restaurant has been incredibly supportive and understanding while we have been planning the project and also installing all the infrastructure.

We really appreciate all the local businesses and residents supporting the project meaning residents and visitors alike get to share and experience the Festive/Christmas celebrations in Horsham.

Other local businesses involved were CASE Electrical, LA Cole and Martin Leadbeater

We are exploring ways to make Light Up Horsham an annual event however it will rely on the support of lots of people to make it happen – fingers crossed!


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