Kithurst Hill Tank

Many of you will have walked on the South Downs and enjoyed the stunning views across Horsham District; if you haven’t then we would highly recommend it! One of the places you can start your walk in the South Downs National Park is Kithurst Hill, which also gives you access to the wonderful South Downs […]

Our Hidden Gems

If you’ve been following the Horsham District Year of Culture’s quest to find 12 Hidden Gems in the area, then you’ll know we’ve started announcing what has been chosen as these Hidden Gems. One of the Year of Culture 2019 Hidden Gems is Cobblestone Walk in Steyning, an historic shopping arcade. It’s hidden behind the […]

The Hidden Gems of Horsham District

We need your help! To celebrate the Horsham District Year of Culture we’re looking for the 12 ‘Hidden Gems’ in the Horsham District. Recently, travel writers in The Guardian listed Leechpool and Owlbeech Woods as hidden gem destinations but we want to know where you, the residents of Horsham District would choose as your Hidden […]

Making Jewellery from Stories – by Lunella Florence

At this time of year I’m either busy making jewellery in the workshop or at events in the lead up to Christmas. I’m currently working on a commission for a woman who has been married for 40 years. Her original wedding ring had worn through and rather than buy a new one she has asked […]