Blue Idol Values Workshop

Older people ignored!

This was one of the conclusions reached by a group of local people on a workshop at the Blue Idol. Having torn up magazines to make collages the group realised there were hardly any pictures of older people. The collages were being created to explore diversity and equality as part of the Horsham Year of Culture as the Blue Idol is running a series of events throughout the summer exploring different values.

The group tore out words and pictures to make collages entitled “What would the world look like if we really valued everyone as unique individuals”. The collages highlighted how different everyone is, but how similar we all are at our core.

The whole question seems to revolve around the importance of personal relationships where we don’t treat everyone the same, but try to listen to, and understand each person’s needs.

“It is important that we realise we don’t all have to be the same to have value, nor do we have to be special” said Richard Hewitt, one of the organisers. “We don’t have to do things. We have value just by existing, and being ourselves. We all have a unique place in the world.

The next event at the Blue Idol will be a family event in the garden showing how we can care for our world. For more info go to or Facebook @BlueIdolQuakers

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