Tree and Wood credit Camilla Adams

Half Term With The Horsham District Year Of Culture

The nights are getting darker and it’s almost time for the clocks to change. Autumn is upon us and so soon is half term for the children! If you’re looking for things to do with the kids then the Horsham District Year of Culture might just have the answer. Tree and Wood Running throughout half […]

Making Jewellery from Stories – by Lunella Florence

At this time of year I’m either busy making jewellery in the workshop or at events in the lead up to Christmas. I’m currently working on a commission for a woman who has been married for 40 years. Her original wedding ring had worn through and rather than buy a new one she has asked […]


Defining a community

There was an interview with Nik Kershaw in many of our Sussex newspapers in September. At the height of his fame he tried to escape the constant limelight with a rare day off. But, to quote him, ‘Not even I could get away from me.’ One day, as he settled down to enjoy a bowl […]

Churches; spiritual and cultural hubs

It’s great that the churches have been asked to get involved in the Year of Culture as they have been such a resource for our culture over the centuries and continue to be hubs of our spiritual and community life. Church buildings are iconic places in each of our towns and villages and many are […]

Creative Assembly Total War team

Culture and heritage through the power of diversity

People often don’t realise that within Horsham we have a BAFTA-award winning video game development studio, with a huge global fan base. Even more remarkable is that Horsham has been its home since the company was founded 30 years ago. Creative Assembly (CA) is one of Horsham’s largest employers with over 460 people across two […]

Behind the scenes of the Year of Culture film

When the Year of Culture project began, we were asked to create a showcase of what is on offer in the Horsham district and to celebrate the ‘culture’ on our doorstep. Culture has such a different meaning to every individual – it seemed like an enormous, almost impossible brief, but as always we were up […]