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Culture and heritage through the power of diversity

People often don’t realise that within Horsham we have a BAFTA-award winning video game development studio, with a huge global fan base. Even more remarkable is that Horsham has been its home since the company was founded 30 years ago. Creative Assembly (CA) is one of Horsham’s largest employers with over 460 people across two buildings in the centre of Horsham and a third studio in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Video games not only provide entertainment, but they allow the player to engage with new ideas and different cultures. They contribute to peoples’ well-being and self-esteem. They can educate and inform and improve the way people interact with one another.

Video games are now more popular than film and music. Last year the UK games market was valued at £4.33 bn and it’s constantly growing and evolving. It takes a range of different people with a diverse range of skills to make the games we do and the job roles will continue to change as technology advances. Whether you’re artistic, a logical thinker, love programming or are an amazing people person, the opportunities to be involved in the creation of video games are huge.

If you’ve ever walked through Horsham town centre, especially during the food market on Thursdays, you may have noticed people in the signature black jackets sporting the Creative Assembly logo. These people represent award-winning talent, creating games played by millions worldwide. We are recognised not only for the achievements of the games we make, but our success as a studio, having recently been awarded the Best Large Studio to work for in the UK by

These achievements don’t just happen by chance. They are the product of focusing on quality and people. Part of this is recognising the power of diversity and representation in sharing ideas and making interactive experiences that are accessible to increasingly wider audiences, allowing us to share our culture and rich heritage with the world.

CA hires from across the world, with 34 different nationalities currently represented in the studio. But we also want to ensure that home grown talent flourishes. If you’re a student at a school in the Horsham district, you may have been lucky enough to come into the studio to see a little bit of what we do, or had someone from CA come in to give a talk on the many different job roles and opportunities available in game development. Further afield we are partners with the East London Arts and Music (ELAM) Academy to deliver a new Game Design course at the Further Education level to help address the shortfall in the UK’s creative skills shortage.

For more information on Creative Assembly and what they do, visit the website.

By Jodie Azhar, Lead Technical Artist at Creative Assembly and UK Women in Games Ambassador

Jodie Azhar, Creative Assembly



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