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There was an interview with Nik Kershaw in many of our Sussex newspapers in September. At the height of his fame he tried to escape the constant limelight with a rare day off. But, to quote him, ‘Not even I could get away from me.’ One day, as he settled down to enjoy a bowl of cornflakes a promotional gift tumbled out the box – it was a badge…with his face on it!

Culture means many things to different people. But whether it is the culture of pop music, classical guitar, drama, art or sculpture it shares some common qualities. As Nik Kershaw found it is all pervading and consuming. It is aspirational too. It encourages artists and audiences to strive to do even better. And it does not merely speak to a community. It is a mirror that reflects all that makes a community special and defines it.

I am pleased to support the Horsham District Year of Culture 2019 – what a tremendous achievement for everyone involved in its planning, not least Horsham District Council which has created it and the Capitol Theatre which hosted a wonderful launch showcase.

What a terrific opportunity for us all.

The Year of Culture is about seeing our district in a different light. Networking with and encouraging each other and sharing ideas.

Our newspapers in Sussex are proud backers of community festivals. For years we have supported the Arundel Festival. We launched the Festival of Chichester after the demise of the Chichester Festivities.

The Horsham district has long-deserved special recognition of its own. For this is a district defined not just by its wonderful geography, history, and heritage – but the amazing ingenuity and creativity of so many of its residents.

I hope we can inspire and encourage the whole community – and especially younger members who through events like this can understand not just what defines where they live but the very special gifts which define them too.

Gary Shipton

Gary Shipton, Deputy Editor in Chief, Johnston Press


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