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A Norman’s Tale in Bramber and Beeding

Bayeux Tapestry

Bramber & Beeding are hosting a very special day this year on Saturday 27th April.

A great day out for all the family, journeying into the past and following in the footsteps of the early inhabitants of both villages. Exciting live performances will bring local history to life and guide audiences through a variety of historical venues and experiences. Although entrance is free, you will need to reserve a ticket as a strict timing schedule is needed to make sure the day goes with a flow. As space is at a premium, there will also be a restriction on how many tickets can be sold; so it really is a matter of making sure you get your space booked early, if you are to avoid those dreaded words: “Sorry, we are sold out”

To book those all important tickets and find out more details of session timings etc, book here

The events take place at the historic sites of:

St Nicholas Church Bramber/Bramber Castle: Enjoy the story about the coming of William de Braose, the building of the castle and chapel and the impact on the local Saxon community. Actors will lead you to various points within the castle ruins, where you will hear about the scandals and dramas that took place involving the neighbouring land owners. Opening at 10.30am there will be several timed performances of 30 minutes, the last one starting at 1.30pm.

St Mary’s House, Bramber: Visit the ancient pilgrim inn of St Mary’s where actors will portray characters from long ago, set in the magnificent rooms of the house. Amongst others, meet Lady Aanor, wife of Lord Philip de Braose, who will also introduce you to King Charles II! Outside on the terrace, try your hand at traditional tile making and learn something about this ancient craft. The Tea Rooms, found in the glorious gardens, will be open for refreshments from the start of the performances at 11.30 am(15 minute sessions) through to 4pm following the final curtain of the theatrical scenes at 3.30pm.

The Church of St Peter in Upper Beeding: Also known as Sele Priory, this ancient church, rebuilt in the early 1300s, will host a live display of magnificent birds of prey. As seen in the colourful Bayeux Tapestry and in many designs of heraldry, falcons were not simply used for hunting but were also depicted to display wealth and power by nobles and major landowners. This event is something very special and will take place every half an hour starting at 10.30am with the last session beginning at 3.30pm.

Take in all the sites, or just the ones that especially appeal to you — the choice is yours. An essential for the day is comfortable shoes as the ground will be uneven in places. Seating only available at church performances.

Grateful thanks must go to Horsham District Council for awarding the funding that has made this event possible.

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Sat 27 April
Free - needs booking
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