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An Evening with Jim Al-Khalili

Join acclaimed theoretical physicist, author and broadcaster Jim Al-Khalili as he discusses his thrilling debut sci-fi novel ‘Sunfall’.
Set in a near-future of dazzling technologies and drawing on cutting-edge science, the book imagines our planet turning against itself – the magnetic field that protects life on Earth from deadly radiation from space, is failing. World governments have concealed this rapidly emerging Armageddon, fearful of mass hysteria. A young Iranian hacktivist stumbles across the truth, and it becomes a race against time to reactivate the earth’s core using beams of dark matter. As a small team of brave and brilliant scientists battle to find a way of transforming theory into practice, they face a fanatical group intent on pursuing their own endgame agenda: for they believe mankind to be a plague upon this earth and will do anything, commit any crime, to ensure that the project fails…and so bring about humanity’s end.
Jim will discuss his novel, its scientific inspiration, and his fascinating life in science with Richard Burge, former Chief Executive of Wilton Park.

Tickets are £25.00 to include a Prosecco Reception and a complimentary copy of ‘Sunfall’ in hardback.
This event is kindly supported by Wilton Park

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Wiston House
, Steyning
Fri 21 June
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