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Eric Cusick and the Hidden History of the Daleks

In July 1963 the writer Terry Nation was commissioned to write the story about time-travellers that he had submitted to the BBC for televising. That story was the first Dr. Who adventure.

The brief he had responded to with his submission was to produce sci-fi stories that would take young viewers to either the future or the past and would be both educational purpose as well as entertaining – take children to different times in history, to different places and perhaps introduce them to scientific concepts of various sorts as well as keeping them watching.

Nation’s story (only a year after the Cuban Missile Crisis) was set many centuries into the future but, as a result of a nuclear war a world of two races had evolved – one aggressive and one gentle.

The designer of the aggressive creatures was Raymond Cusick from Horsham and the creature he created was the Dalek.

How Raymond came up with his design and how these iconic creatures have continued to appear in so many of the 840 episodes of ‘Dr Who’ will be considered in our free booklet ‘The World of the Daleks’ in Horsham Library where Dr Who story books, DVD’s and CD’s will also be available.

This history of the Daleks will also be in our libraries – Horsham, Billingshurst, Henfield, Pulborough, Southwater, Steyning and Storrington, throughout the month, and on the Horsham Writers Circle website (horshamwriters.co.uk).

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Thu 1 August
Sat 31 August
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