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Hammond Innes: Horsham’s Man of Adventure

A man of adventure and action – Hammond Innes was one of the most successful and celebrated story writers in the world throughout the second half of the 20th Century.

Although he disliked the term ‘thriller’ himself, preferring to use the word ‘adventure’, but his books certainly are written to thrill.

Many of his stories have been turned into Hollywood films. So successful have they been that most have been translated and have appeared in over forty languages.

Innes was famous for researching the settings for his books – whether they were in Antartica, the Western Isles, the Indian Ocean or the Australian outback – by actually going to the places themselves and taking part in the activities. In fact, for a large part of his life he would travel the world, with his wife, in their 42 foot yacht the ‘Mary Deare’ spending six-months abroad and six-months back in England.

Perhaps as a consequence of what he witnessed as he went around the world, and before it became fashionable to do so, Innes became a champion of ecological causes – famously planting many thousands of trees in Wales, Canada and Australia as well as in the huge estate that he bought later in life in Suffolk.

A feature of the month will be our screening of his film ‘Campbell’s Kingdom’, starring Dirk Bogarde on 15th October at the Capitol. Lots of information about Hammond Innes will be in our libraries, along with many of his books: Horsham, Billingshurst, Henfield, Pulborough, Southwater, Steyning and Storrington, and also on our website (horshamwriters.co.uk).

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Capitol Cinema
, Horsham
Tue 15 October
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