Warnham Local Nature Reserve captured in words and art

A new public art project “Field Notes from Warnham” which is part of Horsham District Council’s 2019 Horsham District Year of Culture celebrations, came to life last weekend at Warnham Local Nature Reserve.

The project, led by Alison Turnbull has been developed with writer–in–residence Tanya Shadrick and public artist Will Nash.

Visitors to the Warnham Local Nature Reserve have actively contributed their ideas to writer Tanya over a period of months, who is bringing the written word to the Reserve.

Tanya has been busy meeting visitors to capture their thoughts, words, and stories about the flora, fauna and general ambiance of this special place.

As the legacy of this project, public artist Will Nash will be creating pieces of sculptural art which will, when completed, be installed within the Reserve. As part of a 10-day exhibition running from 13 April to 24 April, scale models of the proposed sculptures are being displayed and visitors are invited to share their views and highlight their preferred options.

Will’s works have been inspired by both the microscopic lifeforms which create the diversity of habitat at the site and from the industrial heritage that forms the Reserve’s history.

Chairman of the Friends of Warnham Local Nature Reserve John Wilks said;
“It has been great to see so many friends and visitors coming along to the Reserve to share their views on both the written work and sculptural projects that the Reserve has inspired.”

The Council’s Countryside and Ecology Manager, Jake Everitt added;
“As we prepare for the annual children’s Easter Trail, taking place from Good Friday to Bank Holiday Monday, we hope many more people will come along and share their thoughts with us, contributing to what I am sure will be an amazing display of public art sculptures.”

As a culmination of the exhibition, Will will be at the Reserve hosting an informal question and answer session on Wednesday 24 April, between 2pm and 3pm.

You can follow the project on Twitter @FieldNotesWNLR

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