Football drama coming to a club near you

The Red Lion, a Horsham District Year of Culture sponsored production, made its debut at Horsham’s Capitol on Friday 16 August and is now set to tour football clubs and community centres throughout the District.

Our Year of Culture ambassador went along to see the opening night and here’s what she had to say.

I’m not a big football fan, but I loved this play.

Set in a typical non- league football club changing room, the play features just three characters: the hot headed ambitious manager (think Alex Ferguson or Jose Mourinho), the kit man and former club legend and the gifted young player.

In a nutshell, the player just wants to enjoy playing, the manager is over hungry for money and success and the kit man has the Red Lion mascot running through his veins and wants to do everything for the good of the club and players he loves.

Full of sharp witted football humour – it’s all in here, the ripe language, moans about a dandelion covered pitch and the ref needing glasses.

It was great to view it up close in the smaller setting of the Capitol’s Studio – you could almost smell the cheesy socks and liniment. And it is ideal to be enjoyed in the local clubs and village halls it is now going to tour.

If we’d had a few oranges at half- time it would have been perfect.

Don’t miss this one. Click here to book.

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