If you’re planning on putting on an event as part of the Horsham District Year of Culture 2019, we have some hints and tips for you.

When you decide to do something, go here for a full ‘how to’ guide on putting on event, created by Horsham District Council. Everything from licensing, to health and safety is included in the guide.

Looking for a marquee, or PA or similar?

Our events partner is LD Events, they are offering reduced rates to people organising events for the Year of Culture. Contact them by emailing them here and check out their website here.

Once you know what you’re going to be doing – shout about it! Add your event here, and make sure you’re following @HDculture2019 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and we’ll follow you back, which means we can promote your event too.

Don’t forget to contact us for your Year of Culture logo pack for adding to your publicity materials!

Any questions, email [email protected]