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Are you running an event as part of the Horsham District Year of Culture 2019? Or perhaps you’re involved with the Year of Culture Fringe? It’s time to get social with your event promotion. If your event is during the first six months of the year, then fingers crossed you’ve entered it onto our website to get it into the HDYOC programme. If yours takes place in the latter part of the year then there’s still time to get it onto the website for the next programme being produced.

Set up your event on Facebook

As well as putting your event on our website, you can set up an event from your Facebook page. If you don’t have a Facebook page yet, set up one now. Start posting about what you’ll be doing for the Year of Culture to encourage people to follow you to stay updated and find out more. You can then set up your event on your Facebook page.

Setting up your event on Facebook helps spread the word; you’ll reach people locally and they will start to see which of their friends are attending to encourage them to come along too. Facebook will promote your event for free to your audience, creating more publicity for you.

Event details on Facebook

Make sure you have used an eye-catching image or video for your event cover photo. You can overlay text on the photo or include a call to action at the end of the video; give the headline details of your event and tell people what you want them to do.

Make sure you’ve entered the location accurately as this helps Facebook show it to people in the vicinity and encourages them to come along. You need to select the right category for your event and have your key words completed to help Facebook show it to the right people. By completing the event listing in full you’re providing Facebook with the tools to show it to the people most likely to be interested in what you’re doing.


You may not have ticketing for your event but if you do, whether free or requiring purchase, include the ticket link in the event booking. This makes it really easy for people to take action when the event pops up in front of them and they make the decision to go – a few clicks and their tickets are booked! If they have to go and find out where to get tickets and need to open up other apps or websites themselves they might not complete their booking.

Hosts and guests

Facebook allows you to add ‘co-hosts’ to your event. If you’re working with a charity or other businesses, and they have Facebook pages, add them into this section. This ensures the event appears not just on your Facebook page but theirs as well, increasing the audience and exposure for your event. Plus, if you add us ‘Horsham District Year of Culture 2019’ as a co-host, your event will appear on our page too!

You have the option to show the guest list for the event and to allow people to post in your event. We’d recommend doing both; if people can see their friends are going they are more likely to go themselves. And, if you allow them to post in the event, they can ask questions and tag their friends, all helping the promotion of your event.

If you’ve any questions about promoting your event, setting it up on our website or promoting it on Facebook, please do contact us and we will be happy to help. For more top tips, follow us on Facebook and we’re also on Twitter and Instagram as @hdculture2019.

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