Poetry, Prose and Performance at the Blue Idol

Recently thirty locals took part in an event at the Blue Idol in Coolham. The event was part of the Horsham Year of Culture and was an exploration of peace through poetry, prose and performance. John Cole read a piece that reminded us that peace is not just an absence of war and conflict. We must appreciate and value ourselves to help us become peaceful.

With our busy lives we all wish to feel more peaceful, and it is from there that peace can spread. So, Anne Lewitt read a poem likening peace to gossamer, a spider’s web, and suggested that peace can be woven from the centre and then can pervade the world. Several of the poems suggested finding peace in nature, and Charles Holme pointed out that peace can also be found in laugher.

Apart from poems and readings there was a haunting Vedic chant, a Celtic chant, and an ancient song from the Quaker Song Book. Chrissie McGinn said that “Normally there is applause when someone has finished reading or singing, but at this event we decided to have a few minutes silence instead to give people time to reflect on what they had heard.” It brought a very powerful sense of peace to the afternoon

After the readings and singing the group broke into small groups to discuss their experiences. Carole Harradence, one of the participants, said “I really enjoyed the eclectic mix of music and poetry.” She added “The afternoon was a totally new experience.”

Previous HYoC events at this Quaker Meeting House have included a Sustainability Fair, Dialogue Pairs to discuss simplicity, and creating collages to explore a more equal world. Next events planned at the Blue Idol are a Family Fun Day, and two retreat days. The first to experience the peacefulness of nature and the second to reconnect with the power of our humanity. For further details can be found on the Blue Idol website www.blueidol.org Facebook @BlueIdolQuakers

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