The Year of Culture Piano Project

You may have seen (or heard) the piano in Swan Walk in Horsham, close to the entrance to Wilkos. During the Year of Culture 2019, you will see and hear pianos across the Horsham District thanks to a project being run by QM Studios.

Where are the pianos coming from?

QM Studios are working with the Horsham Piano Centre to procure between six and seven pianos. These pianos will be well used and in most cases heading for disposal. The aim of the HDYOC19 project is to give these pianos their ‘last hurrah’, and give members of the public an opportunity to use them in public spaces for enjoyment and entertainment for a set period of time.

What will happen to the pianos?

The pianos will be allocated to local schools or organisations to decorate and name. QM Studios are hoping to run competitions for the pianos, for example ‘best decorated’ and ‘best name’.

Once the pianos are completed they will be distributed across the Horsham District. The aim is to place two pianos in Horsham, and the rest in Billingshurst, Steyning, Henfield, Pulborough and Southwater. QM Studios are working to confirm these locations as soon as they can. It is hoped local businesses and groups will work with the project to look after the pianos and secure them at night!

Launching the pianos in their locations

Each piano will have a special launch with local musicians and artists performing at the event. The piano project has a big focus on local community, looking for local talent and members of the public to join together and play. People are encouraged to join on social media with videos, pictures and selfies with the pianos, and there is a community group attached to the QM Studios Facebook page as a hub for the project.

Pianos and the local community

QM Studios are working with the Chestnut Tree House charity to support them using this project.

We have a vast array of musical and artistic talent within Horsham District and this piano project should bring out the creative side of our wonderful community.

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